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Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear Stackable Containers With Durable Latching Lids 95 Qt 4 Count - B8IXZVJC9

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  • RUBBERMAID QUALITY - Holding up to 14% more than other storage bins the same size, you receive reliable lidded home storage organizers that can fit all your items safely with the shatter free, durable polypropylene material made in the USA

  • PERFECT FOR EVERYDAY ORGANIZING - Find the unexpected joy in home organization with the easy-to-view straight wall tote design that maximizes shelf and drawer space and is ideal for craft supplies, hats, gloves, shoes, kitchen storage, bedroom underbed storage , classroom, toys, tools and more.

  • STRONG LATCHING LID - Rubbermaid storage containers with lids close securely with handles attached to the base keeping items dry and dust-free, perfect for home organization and garage cleanup

  • SECURE STACKING - The Rubbermaid recessed lid construction ensures stability and allows plastic storage bins to stack securely for ease of moving, efficient use of space, traveling and more. Lid/Top Mechanism-Detached

  • CLEARLY SUPERIOR LATCHING STORAGE Outside Dimensions 29.000 in. L x 17.750 in. W x 13.250 in. H Inside Dimensions 26.125 in. L x 16.750 in. W x 12.625 in. H 95 Quart / 89.9 Liter Load capacity 42.7 LBS

  • Physical clutter takes up mental space and creates frustration. Find the unexpected magic in clearing your clutter and begin to see that an organized home brings a calm, motivated mindset. Live simply and make space in your life for joy with Cleverstore Storage Totes. Cleverstore storage bins with lids have a straight wall design that maximizes storage space holding up to 14 percent more than other storage containers in the same space. The handles and lids have a square edge design to fit efficiently into cabinets, closets, garages, sheds and other areas. The recessed lids ensure superior stacking. Durable polypropylene containers keep contents contained, dry and dust-free. Shatter-resistant down to clear polypropylene lids.

    Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear Stackable Containers With Durable Latching Lids 95 Qt 4 Count - B8IXZVJC9