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Disc Magnets Cylinder 1 2x1 4 12x6 Round Strong Magnet Sticker Fastener Pins Holder 10 Pack - BYCCKPPZI

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  • Size: 12mm x 6mm (Aprox.1/2" dia. x 1/4" thick.)

  • CAN BE USED FOR: heavy-duty DIY, crafts, workshop, warehouse and garage organization, decor, scientific, industrial, educational and manufacturing needs, do-it-yourself, jewelry-making and other hobby and home improvement projects.

  • CAN BE USED AS: Welding Clamps, Oil Filters, Stud Finders and Picking up Stray Nails and Screws, Metal Detectors, Magnetic Therapy, Magic Tricks and Levitation Experiments, Remagnetizing Old Magnets, Removing Dents from Brass Musical Instruments, Tool / Knife Holders

  • TO USE WHERE: garage, workshop, board, kitchen, garden, office, school, classroom, lab.

  • The most common places you'll find magnets include:

    • Bicycle dynamos.

    • Crafts, hobbies and jewelry.

    • Computer hard drives.

    • Health bracelets, bandages and other medical devices.

    • Magnetic resonance imaging devices.

    • Wind turbine generators.

    • Fishing reel brakes.

    • Permanent magnet motors in cordless tools.

    • High-performance AC servo motors.

    • Traction motors.

    • Integrated starter-generators in hybrid and electric vehicles.

    • Mechanically powered flashlights which use magnets for generating electricity from a shaking motion.

    • Industrial and testing/quality control applications such as for verifying and maintaining product purity and equipment protection and integrity.

    • Linear motors used in mag-lev trains and other motorized model equipment.

    • Scientific applications such as diamagnetic levitation experimentation, the study of magnetic field dynamics and superconductor levitation.

    • Electro-dynamic bearings.

    • Roller coaster and other thrill ride technology.

    • Magnet toys.

    • Audio speakers and headphones.

    • Electric guitar pickups.

    • Miniature figures and models.

    Disc Magnets Cylinder 1 2x1 4 12x6 Round Strong Magnet Sticker Fastener Pins Holder 10 Pack - BYCCKPPZI